Viper Concrete
Place and Finish Services
Available in our Alberta branch.

At Viper Concrete we service the commercial, industrial and residential sectors of the concrete industry. Viper Concrete provides the concrete industry with the skill set required to complete today’s high quality demands on strict project timelines. From product knowledge to safety and training, Viper Concrete ensures our teams of placers and finishers are the best the industry has to offer.

We offer the following place and finish services:

  • Commercial / Industrial / Heavy Civil Services
    • Pads and Footings
    • Walls and Columns
    • Grade Beams
    • Mud Slabs
    • Raft Slabs
    • Slab On Grade
      • Standard Specification Slabs
      • Laser Screed Super Flat Floors
    • Qdeck Slabs
      • Standard Specification Slabs
      • Floor Flatness Specification Slabs
    • Suspended / Structural Slabs   
      • Standard Specification Slabs
      • Floor Flatness Specification Slabs
    • Concrete Toppings
    • Exterior Slabs
      • Broom Finish Sidewalk
      • Aprons and Ramps
        • Broom Finish
        • Herringbone Specifications
      • Exposed Aggregate
      • Pattern Stamp
    • Saw-Cutting Services
      • Soff Cut
      • Green Cut
    • Surface Applications
      • Curing Applications
      • Densifier Applications
      • Hardner Applications


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